City Monorails
US High Speed Rail Networks

Los Angeles Monorail

The Los Angeles Monorail carries hundreds of thousands of commuters each day throughout the Los Angeles area. Cruising at speeds up to 45 mph the Los Angeles Monorail whisks people to Los Angeles areas:

Los Angeles Monorail - Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Monorail - Civic Center Station

Civic Center Stations

The Los Angeles Monorail services the Civic Center district of downtown Los Angeles providing easy access to government offices, buildings, and courthouses.

Monorail at Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles Monorail at the LA Federal Building

Los Angeles Monorail at the LA Civic Center

Dodger Stadium Complex

The Dodger Stadium Complex contains

Los Angeles Monorail at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Dodger Stadium Complex

California High-Speed Rail Network

The California High-Speed Rail Network connects northern and southern Californian metropolitan areas. Cruising at speeds of up to 260 mph California's High-Speed trains speed commuters between the Los Angeles and San Diego locals to San Francisco and the Sacramento Valley.

Cities serviced by the California Highspeed Rail System

  • Los Angeles

  • San Jose

  • Long Beach

  • Irvine

  • Bakersfield