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Here are rendered American cities as livable, workable, sustainable cities with extremely low carbon emissions. Inner city transportation hubs with pedestrian traffic necessary for social and economical human relations. Cities with scalable transportation systems. Cities with high inner city land values and rent, caused by urban restructuring to derive the "best use" of centrally located land. Cities that have undergone complete/intensive urban restructuring, with spatially centralized urban centers. The inner city becomes a base for headquarter and executive decision-making centers; a place for rapid decisions and information flow.

In these cities you'll find executive centers in close proximity to each other, creating a reduction in decision-making time. You'll find no traffic congestion, nor road-rage, nor parking hassles; no loud, roaring, smoggy, dangerous boulevards. Only a very convenient commute and a very appealing urban lifestyle. These are cities that express individualism through the consumption of a transit system as an aesthetic object. Cities in which the desire for space with social meaning is fulfilled; the dissatisfaction with contemporary urbanism is rectified.

Energy Efficient Cities

How does the design of a city affect it's energy efficiency?

        City Design vs. Energy Efficiency

Los Angeles Monorail at Marriot Tower Station

Cities depicted have transit systems integral to the new economy of centralized, high-level services work (banking, technology and service activities). Cities that function as discrete socio-economic entities; de-industrialized global cities, economic restructuring. These are redeveloped cities with far greater mobility between the central city and suburbia. Cities with opportunities for capital reinvestment in this surrounding environment. Cities that empower freedom and establish authenticity.

Orange County Monorail at the Irvine Spectrum

As energy costs rise and traffic congestion increases, as the effects of human oil consumption continue its devestating impact on our environment...... we believe it to be in the best interest of the nation.... that American cities install automated, electric, elevated transportations systems. Doing so will drastically change the "look and feel" of our cities as they transition to a system requiring 1/1000 of the space and 1/100 the energy of the previous system. The new system allowing ease of pedestrian traffic, open public spaces of , on which flow quiet electric trains. Scalable transportation systems. What will these cities look like? This site aims to explore the possibilities.

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