Washington DC

In the years following the August Plan Washington DC underwent many changes, most notably the installation of an energy efficient transit system. Millions of hectares of asphalt in the forms of roads and parking lots were removed and replaced by retail shops, business and civic centers.

Washington DC Monorail

The Washington DC monorail carries tens of thousands of tourists and locals each day throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.

District Route

Cruising at a top speed of 40 mph the Washington DC monorail will whisk tourists and commuters into many areas of the District including:

Monorail at Washington Monument

Washington DC Monorail at Freedom Plaza

Monorail at Constitution Avenue

Memorial Route

Along Memorial Route the Washington DC Monorail will transport tourists to many of Washington's most popular tourist locations:

Washington DC Monorail

Monorail at Verizon Center

Monorail at the Capitol Building